“I have been in Eden” – Helen Keller’s visit to Mark Twain’s Stormfield in 1909

Part of the Historical Society of Easton’s Year of the Woman series.

In March of 1894, fourteen-year-old Helen Keller met Samuel Clemens for the first time at a gathering at Laurence Hutton’s New York home. Hutton was the literary editor of Harper’s Magazine at the time. After Continue reading ““I have been in Eden” – Helen Keller’s visit to Mark Twain’s Stormfield in 1909″

The Peculiar Trials of Mary Staples

It was said by Lucy Pell, the surgeon’s wife, that a witch had been living among them in Fairfield.  In 1653,  she claimed she heard such words herself from the condemned Goodwife Bassett who was imprisoned and awaiting her death.  Goody Bassett was a middle class wife, hence the Continue reading “The Peculiar Trials of Mary Staples”

Buried in an Easton Swamp

The trunk buried in the Easton swamp displayed at trial with murder weapons, Daily News photo, May 30, 1921

It was early on a Monday evening when the police pulled over just off Sport Hill Road next to the Union Cemetery. There, in the overgrown wetlands, a confessed murderer claimed Continue reading “Buried in an Easton Swamp”

Easton’s Ladies in White

Union Cemetery, Easton Connecticut

Like all small colonial towns in New England, Easton has its share of ghost stories, but few can compare to the tales told about our oldest burial ground, the Union Cemetery.  Set off by stone walls and wrought iron fencing, it sits at the intersection Continue reading “Easton’s Ladies in White”

The Girl in the Blue Calico Dress

Something a little different for this week’s History Corner:

It’s that time of year again. Autumn is here and with Halloween approaching, memories of old ghost stories are sparked by the winds that whistle gently through the falling leaves during the chilling evening hours of Continue reading “The Girl in the Blue Calico Dress”

The Bridgeport Hydraulic Company & Eminent Domain

Eminent domain. Merrium-Webster defines it as: a right of a government to take private property for public use by virtue of the superior dominion of the sovereign power over all lands within its jurisdiction.

When I was growing up in the 1950’s, the mere mention of the Bridgeport Continue reading “The Bridgeport Hydraulic Company & Eminent Domain”

Then & Now – The Sport Hill Schoolhouse

Presented by the Historical Society of Easton.

After the Parish of North Fairfield was established in 1762, one of the first orders of business was to establish a school system to educate the children. On December 29th of that year, the members of the parish voted to maintain five Continue reading “Then & Now – The Sport Hill Schoolhouse”

A Sign of the Times

The Historical Society of Easton’s expanded House Plaque Program.

When the Historical Society of Easton was formed during the summer of 1968, the initial mission was to find a parcel of land and then move the 1850’s Adams School House onto it. The schoolhouse had originally been Continue reading “A Sign of the Times”

The Apple Barn – A Slice of Easton History

A personal account as written exclusively for the Historical Society of Easton by Noel Quinton.

The second of a two-part seriesThe Retail Operation.

The 1960’s and 70’s:

In those days, the appeal of the place was based foremost on the quality of its fresh fruit and cider, Continue reading “The Apple Barn – A Slice of Easton History”

Aspetuck Valley Orchards & the Apple Barn

A personal account as written exclusively for the Historical Society of Easton by Noel Quinton.

Part One of a Two Part Series – The Orchards:

During the summer of 1973 countless games of ping-pong were played in our barn on a recently acquired table that filled the rear bay between Continue reading “Aspetuck Valley Orchards & the Apple Barn”