When Opportunity Knocks

This article began life as another in our series of Easton in the Service. While Brigadier General Edwin Norman Clark was born in Parkersburg, Iowa, he lived a major portion of his eighty years in Easton. And how many towns the size of Easton can boast having a United States Military Continue reading “When Opportunity Knocks”

Hot Dog Wars – the Blue Bird Inn v. the Blue Bird Inn

One of my favorite activities as a child was taking a weekend drive around Easton & Weston with my father in his sporty British Racing Green Jaguar XK-140 coupe. At least once or twice a month, the throaty Jag would find its way to the Old Blue Bird Inn on Black Rock Turnpike. My Continue reading “Hot Dog Wars – the Blue Bird Inn v. the Blue Bird Inn”

James & Frank Nagy – Easton Brothers Gone To War

Part of the Historical Society of Easton’s year-long series: Easton in the Service.

Immigrants aboard the SS Kroonland heading from Antwerp to New York for a new and better life in the early 20th Century

It was cold and raining when a 20-year-old Hungarian by the name of Gabor Continue reading “James & Frank Nagy – Easton Brothers Gone To War”

87-Year Old Photographic Maps Offer a Unique Look into Our Past

Some of the most frequent requests we get at the Historical Society revolve around house histories. In Easton, we have well over 200 properties that are listed with the state in our historical buildings inventory. When one discounts the age factor, not of all of these structures Continue reading “87-Year Old Photographic Maps Offer a Unique Look into Our Past”

The Laskay Boys – World War II

Part of the Historical Society of Easton’s series “Easton in the Service.”

Prior to 1917, there had only been two acts passed by congress during the entire history of the United States that regulated immigration: the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 barring Chinese immigrants from Continue reading “The Laskay Boys – World War II”

Digitizing History: A Real Page-Turner

Eli Adams Ledger Index, 1815-1817. (Historical Society of Easton, 70.1.Jan 15)

This January, the Historical Society of Easton purchased an overhead scanner to digitize our bound archives. We thank each donor who contributed and in gratitude, we will be posting updates on our progress. Continue reading “Digitizing History: A Real Page-Turner”

Preserving Easton’s Heritage – Demolition Delay Ordinance

When our ancestors built the first dwellings in Easton, they were much different from the homes we all occupy today. Most houses built in the 18th century were very modest in size, especially when one considers that many families often consisted of seven to ten people. A typical Continue reading “Preserving Easton’s Heritage – Demolition Delay Ordinance”

Anne Baxter – (W)right at Home in Easton

Anne Baxter was rehearsing with co-stars Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy in Noel Coward in Two Keys in 1973, when they introduced her to investment banker David Klee. Four years later, Baxter and Klee were married and began searching for their perfect property in rural Connecticut. Continue reading “Anne Baxter – (W)right at Home in Easton”

Letter: Powerful Insights into Easton’s People and Past

To the Editor:

My thanks to Bruce Nelson and The Courier for the March 6 article “Brothers in Arms — The Halzack Boys.” The uncertainty, challenges and resolutions lived and faced in the past retain their power and resonance through Mr. Nelson’s empathetic reporting.

My heart Continue reading “Letter: Powerful Insights into Easton’s People and Past”

Brothers in Arms – The Halzack Boys

First of a three part series on brothers from Easton families who served at the same time in WWII.

George Halzack was born in Bayerovch, Czechoslovakia on January 1, 1894. He emigrated to the United States in 1910, and in 1913 he joined the Army where he rose to the rank of First Continue reading “Brothers in Arms – The Halzack Boys”