Sacrifices & Obligations – Civilian Efforts During WWII

Part of the Historical Society of Easton’s “Easton in the Service” Series.

A few weeks ago, we decided to visit the History Center at the Bridgeport Public Library in an effort to discover some information about a couple of our local WWII veterans that has thus far eluded us. Continue reading “Sacrifices & Obligations – Civilian Efforts During WWII”

It’s all in the Family

Part of the Historical Society of Easton’s series Easton in the Service.

William (Bill) Charles Peters was born September 19, 1920, to Doctor Henry LeBaron Peters and his wife Marguerite. In 1912, Doctor Peters established the department of Pathology and Bacteriology at the Bridgeport Continue reading “It’s all in the Family”

High School Students Prepare for War – 1943

By 1943 the United States was in the midst of the Second World War. Its soldiers and sailors were spread around the globe and the people at home were banded together in an all-out effort to support our troops in any way they could. Rationing of everything from tires to gasoline, Continue reading “High School Students Prepare for War – 1943”

The Legend of Abel Sanford

When I was young, the neighborhood house I remembered the best was a large brick colonial on Sport Hill Road about a half mile north of the Easton – Redding town line. We knew it then as the Marshall House.

Caroline Clark Marshall was the daughter of William Clark, the President Continue reading “The Legend of Abel Sanford”

A Grave Tale

It was Saturday morning, October 27, 1951. With clipboards listing the names and addresses of all of Easton’s middle and high school students, a group of women began shuttling children to the Gilbertown Cemetery. No, this was not a case of the Sanderson Sisters of Easton.  These Continue reading “A Grave Tale”

In Country – An Easton Marine’s Account of His Tour of Duty in Vietnam

Grab a cup of coffee or pour yourself a glass of wine and then take a few extra minutes to read the “In Country” story of Easton Marine Brian Lusebrink. Fighting a war halfway around the globe in the unhospitable jungles of Southeast Asia was unpleasant enough in its own right, but Continue reading “In Country – An Easton Marine’s Account of His Tour of Duty in Vietnam”

Good Morning Vietnam

As we continue with our Easton in the Service series, we are fortunate enough to have had one of our home-grown veterans approach us and offer a first-hand account of his time in the Marines Corps. Unlike some of the posthumous letters and journals we’ve been able to use in this Continue reading “Good Morning Vietnam”

Easing into a New Century – Easton & Redding in the Early 1900’s

The first years of twentieth century saw massive and rapid changes in technologies that made American life easier by reducing the time and effort needed to do many ordinary tasks, as well as introducing new creations that vastly increased the speed of travel and communication. While Continue reading “Easing into a New Century – Easton & Redding in the Early 1900’s”

From Farm to Table in the Good Old Days

Last spring, as part of the Easton 175th anniversary commemoration, I was approached and asked to contribute some of Easton’s historical recipes to the upcoming CFE Cookbook. I was more than hesitant. After all, this book was being created to encourage current residents to use some Continue reading “From Farm to Table in the Good Old Days”

Letters from Pete – Hugh Pedersen’s WWII Correspondence Home

Part Two of Hugh Pedersen’s recollections from the Second World War in the Historical Society of Easton’s continuing Series: Easton in the Service.

In a world with several methods of instant communication, it is almost hard to imagine a time when the only means of communicating Continue reading “Letters from Pete – Hugh Pedersen’s WWII Correspondence Home”