Letter From Paris

My husband Larry and I are here in Paris, a place we deeply love. The purpose of our trips is not to sightsee. In fact, the goal is not to accomplish anything at all. We have few plans and no expectations. There are exhibits we may check out and close friends to see, but we have Continue reading “Letter From Paris”

The Colorful History of Snow’s Farm

Easton’s agricultural heritage is a point of pride in town, but little has been written about Snow’s Farm’s unlikely origins and few know the long and patchworked Snow family history. Recently, several descendants, including Irv Snow, the farm’s fourth-generation proprietor, pieced Continue reading “The Colorful History of Snow’s Farm”


There are Many Dog Stories in Easton. This Is Mine.

When I was a girl I saw a TV show featuring a talking Basset Hound named Cleo. The show, a sitcom circa 1958, aired on NBC. It was “The People’s Choice” starring Jackie Cooper. Cleo’s observations, wryly critical of her human Continue reading “Knuckles”

Column: A Response to Bruce Nelson’s “The Big Chill”

Reading Bruce Nelson’s deeply evocative column, I am sure those of us of a certain age were awash with nostalgia, especially those who grew up in a small town. Though my childhood was spent in New Jersey, I wonder if my memories of small-town life gently prodded me to spend my later Continue reading “Column: A Response to Bruce Nelson’s “The Big Chill””

Voices From Thanksgivings Past

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday that relies on the comfort of family traditions. The menus, the dishware, the players and the roles they perform are frequently the same from year to year. Covid upended them for a while, but it feels like many of our holiday rituals will Continue reading “Voices From Thanksgivings Past”

Labor Day Message 2021

Those most deserving of our gratitude this Labor Day include health care workers who had a brief reprieve only to be swept back onto the front lines of Covid redux. We’re also keeping law-enforcement officials, firefighters, educators and volunteers in our thoughts this Labor Day.

Continue reading “Labor Day Message 2021”

An Inauguration Reflection

I watched the inaugural ceremonies from a BarcaLounger at the Smilow Cancer Center. I was undergoing my fourth chemotherapy infusion to treat a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

The energy at the Center was supercharged. At the first notes of our national anthem, a patient rose and Continue reading “An Inauguration Reflection”

Year in Review 2020: Easton Courier’s Rebirth

The print edition of the Easton Courier ceased publication in 2018, its 40th anniversary year, as a result of diminishing ad revenue. Recognizing Easton’s profound community need for local news, James Castonguay, associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences at Sacred Heart University, Continue reading “Year in Review 2020: Easton Courier’s Rebirth”

Letter: Praises Jane Paley’s Independence Day Message

To the Editor:

I made same the observation but never saw it in words until Jane Paley wrote that interesting piece, Easton Observes Independence Day. it made me think, yes, that is so true. I did 300 TV shows on individuals, many in Easton, on public channel, many of them in the Continue reading “Letter: Praises Jane Paley’s Independence Day Message”

New Easton Courier 2.0 To Be Launched

Dr. James Castonguay, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at SHU, led an informative presentation Jan. 10 at the Easton Library about the online Easton Courier 2.0, to be launched sometime in February. 

Professor Castonguay is leading the editorial team with Nancy Continue reading “New Easton Courier 2.0 To Be Launched”