Ousted Republican Town Committee Members Petitioning for Primary

Newly ousted members of the Easton Republican Town Committee are collecting signatures to force a primary to regain their two-year seats.

The petition for a primary follows the ERTC’s caucus held on Jan. 4 at Samuel Staples Elementary School, during which many longtime committee Continue reading “Ousted Republican Town Committee Members Petitioning for Primary”

Missing Library Lawn Signs Have Been Returned 

The “Voices of Diversity” signs that disappeared from the Easton Public Library lawn over the holiday weekend have been returned and are now on view near the library’s community room. 

They were delivered late Tuesday afternoon to Town Hall by June Logie, who is organizing Easton’s Continue reading “Missing Library Lawn Signs Have Been Returned “

Message from the First Selectman

Updated 09/03/2021

Good afternoon,LABOR DAY

The remnants of Hurricane Ida passed through with moderate wind and heavy rain, leaving some road closures, power outages and some flood damage in the police station and around town. We are mostly back to normal, after a quick clean up.

With Continue reading “Message from the First Selectman”

Letter: School DEI Surveys

To the Editor:

On Tuesday May 25th the Easton, Redding, and the Joel Barlow Boards of Education (BOE) will gather. Among other things, they will discuss and vote on collecting additional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) information on students from 6th to 12th grades via a Continue reading “Letter: School DEI Surveys”

Letter: Defeat This Resolution Vote NO

To the Editor:

I am writing to you with sadness because no matter if this resolution passes or not, it has needlessly caused fissures in our community. The manner in which this was foisted upon Easton has polarized our town. The resolution was approved by the BOS at a single meeting Continue reading “Letter: Defeat This Resolution Vote NO”

Letter: Easton Resolution, Vote NO


To the Editor:

CRG sends a humble thank you to our many neighbors who sent donations making it possible for us to mail our last three flyers town wide. We could not have done it without your financial and moral support.

Many of you have asked about our MLK-Yes, CRT-No signs. Continue reading “Letter: Easton Resolution, Vote NO”

Letter: Why Vote No on the Resolution

To the Editor:

Easton needs open discussion and honest discord about racism and bias in our town. A referendum resolution will not change racism or biases if it dictates changes without identifying the problems, excludes the public, inflicts changes upon our schools, dictates policies Continue reading “Letter: Why Vote No on the Resolution”

Letter: Dear Eastonites and Board of Finance

To the Editor:

The  $1,250,000 multi-use pathway project was misrepresented to the BOF and to the voting public. The town advisory question asked if we supported funding $250,000 (20%) for a sidewalk project on Sport Hill Road. Omitted from the provided information are numerous Continue reading “Letter: Dear Eastonites and Board of Finance”

Letter: Cancel Culture Attacks Citizens for Responsible Government


To the Editor:

Citizens for Responsible Government would again like to thank our supporters. Easton citizens have now received Important Easton Issues 6th Edition and we continue to receive letters, emails, phone calls, donations, and even flowers from citizens who are grateful Continue reading “Letter: Cancel Culture Attacks Citizens for Responsible Government”

Letter: MLK, Yes — CRT, No: A Response to Christ Church

To the Editor:

As Christians, we are disheartened that people identifying as Christian would so highhandedly misappropriate the words of Doctor Martin Luther King. Perhaps the most famous quote of Doctor King is “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in Continue reading “Letter: MLK, Yes — CRT, No: A Response to Christ Church”