Letter: Vocabulary Can Be Fun, and Words Matter, Today in Easton More Than Ever

To the Editor:

The mailer we all received this week from “Citizens for Responsible Government” shocked, disappointed, and angered many of us who live in Easton. It is a diatribe against efforts to make Easton a town that cares about social justice and proves it by embracing change.

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Easton Democrats Welcome New Residents

Invite Participation on Town Boards and Commissions

Like many towns in Connecticut, Easton has seen a rapidly increasing number of voters who register as Democrats. So many, that for the first time in many years, “We’re nearly at parity and that’s great news for everyone,” said Continue reading “Easton Democrats Welcome New Residents”

Voters Return Incumbents Himes, Hwang and Hughes to Their Posts

Voters in Easton, the region and across the United States turned out in high numbers for the Nov. 3 Presidential Election. They voted to return the Connecticut incumbents who represent Easton to their posts. But the determination of who will occupy the Oval Office await final tallies Continue reading “Voters Return Incumbents Himes, Hwang and Hughes to Their Posts”

Letter: Elect Michelle McCabe to State Senate

To the Editor:

When I seconded Michelle McCabe’s nomination for State Senate, I said that I believed in Michelle because she turns innovative ideas into reality.

For example, as director of the Center for Food Equity and Economic Development with the Council of Churches of Greater Continue reading “Letter: Elect Michelle McCabe to State Senate”

Letter: Re-elect Representative Anne Hughes

To the Editor:

I’m proud that State Rep. Anne Hughes marches for racial justice — and that she got power restored to the nursing home in her district, fought for making the utilities accountable, delivers PPE to her constituents and front-line social service providers, and helped Continue reading “Letter: Re-elect Representative Anne Hughes”