Finance Board OKs Design Funds for Pathway

The proposed multi-use pathway on Sport Hill Road is on the agenda for tonight’s Board of Selectman meeting following a 4-2 vote by he Board of Finance to approve $80,000 for preliminary design, pending taxpayer approval.

Expenditures of $20,000 or more must be approved by voters Continue reading “Finance Board OKs Design Funds for Pathway”

Op-Ed: ‘More Light and Less Heat’ on Sport Hill Sidewalk

To the Editor:

When the Board of Finance received the request for funding for the proposed Sport Hill sidewalk I had a number of questions. The main ones were how thoroughly had alternatives been evaluated, why did the cost for a bike and pedestrian pathway cost about double the Continue reading “Op-Ed: ‘More Light and Less Heat’ on Sport Hill Sidewalk”

Special Town Meeting Precedes Town-wide Vote

Following more than a year without an opportunity for Easton residents to debate and evaluate upcoming proposals of significance, 35 residents and more than a dozen town officials convened at Samuel Staples Elementary School on March 23 to consider five upcoming ballot questions. Continue reading “Special Town Meeting Precedes Town-wide Vote”

What is the Proposed Pathway on Sport Hill Road?

A paved path running adjacent to and separate from Sport Hill Road would start from the driveway of Helen Keller Middle School and end at the crosswalk at Silverman’s Farm on the east side of Sport Hill Road. It would provide off-road use for pedestrians, cyclists, strollers, wheelchairs, Continue reading “What is the Proposed Pathway on Sport Hill Road?”