Commentary: End ‘Zero-Sum’ Thinking, Earn ‘Solidarity Dividend’

Ideas for Dealing With Racial, Ethnic and Socio-Economic Issues

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles probing causation and correlation in the impact of racism on public policy issues, as discussed in a new book on the subject. 

“We know what we need. Why can’t Continue reading “Commentary: End ‘Zero-Sum’ Thinking, Earn ‘Solidarity Dividend’”

Column: PTSD

History, especially American history, interests me. It is filled with adventures, tragedies and comedies. Every historian is a storyteller who brings his or her own perspective to the information. The best historians are those who keep the story interesting without pursuing personal Continue reading “Column: PTSD”

Letter: We Support Efforts to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Our Schools

To the Editor:

As Easton residents and parents, particularly those of us with children currently attending Easton Public Schools, we share the belief that our educational institutions best serve students, as well as their missions in the larger society, when they proactively promote Continue reading “Letter: We Support Efforts to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Our Schools”

Letter: Racism/Anti-semitism in Plain Sight?

To the Editor:

I have been reading with interest the series of letters to the editor and the mailing to all Easton residents by the Citizens for Responsible Government regarding a number of issues but seem to be especially focused on the issue of racism in Easton. The mailing says Continue reading “Letter: Racism/Anti-semitism in Plain Sight?”

Board of Selectmen Meeting of Aug. 20

The Board of Selectmen met again with public participation by Zoom and a Facebook live feed.
The board approved the minutes of the July 16 meeting. The board canceled its regular first Thursday in August meeting due to a lack of power at the Town Hall as a consequence of the recent Continue reading “Board of Selectmen Meeting of Aug. 20”

Board of Selectmen Meeting of July 16

The board met once again with public participation largely limited to online platforms. The board approved the minutes of our June 18 meeting. No opening public comment was offered.

A routine approval of a driveway permit release of bond for 17 Tatetuck Trail was granted. The board Continue reading “Board of Selectmen Meeting of July 16”

The Weight of The World

There’s something especially inspiring when standing in front of your old elementary school playground at this age. It’s oddly sentimental. In front of you, memories of yourself dangling midair; suspended by a very lopsided moving merry-go-round with your friends. Not a worry in Continue reading “The Weight of The World”