Good Liquor

I do not remember when or where I first heard the saying that “Many a bad deed is blamed on good liquor,” but the notion that intoxicants are often the explanation for evil acts rings true.  It may have been my Polish grandfather, who famously consumed at least a fifth of very bad Continue reading “Good Liquor”


Internet websites have provided me with a wealth of information concerning Richard Lechtenberg. Much of this information is wrong, which is useful for me in frustrating efforts to steal my identity. One site identified my mother as my wife. That struck me as truly mythical. I expected Continue reading “Truth”

Op-Ed: DTC’s Statement for the Removal of Donald Trump as President

President Donald Trump must immediately be removed from office. The Easton Democratic Town Committee joins a bipartisan chorus demanding his removal. We seek both safety for the people of this country and justice for his illegal and immoral actions.

He willfully violated his oath Continue reading “Op-Ed: DTC’s Statement for the Removal of Donald Trump as President”

Selectmen Rebuke Wednesday’s Rampage of U.S. Capitol

During board comment at the end of their meeting tonight, the Board of Selectmen condemned Wednesday’s storming and occupation of the United States Capitol. 

“I don’t think we can leave the table tonight without reflecting on the horror of yesterday,” First Selectman Bob Lessler Continue reading “Selectmen Rebuke Wednesday’s Rampage of U.S. Capitol”