Letter: Integrity Does Matter

To the Editor:

I recently retired after 21 years as an Easton teacher and administrator. I’ve known both David Bindelglass and Jeffrey Parker, professionally and personally, for over 15 years.

We were fortunate that David was First Selectman during the pandemic. I admired his Continue reading “Letter: Integrity Does Matter”

Students Reach Out To Seniors Via Pen Pal Program

Reed Cooper and Jim Fahey were born generations apart, and their upbringings could not be more different. Fahey grew up on a farm in Ireland. Cooper is a Joel Barlow High School student from Easton.

Despite their differences, Fahey, 80, and Cooper, 15, write each other letters Continue reading “Students Reach Out To Seniors Via Pen Pal Program”

Seniors Exemplify Resilience in COVID-19 Pandemic

A recent article from the Historical Society of Easton noted that “the essential quality of resilience has been a feature of its citizens.” Today that is exemplified by our senior citizens who are staying In their homes and following the guidelines to remain healthy and the many Continue reading “Seniors Exemplify Resilience in COVID-19 Pandemic”

Video Captures Helen Keller Middle School Vibe

Under the direction of Principal Susan Kaplan and Assistant Principal
Annie Mohr, and produced by Music Teacher Eric Dolecki, the following
video was shared with the Board of Education In December 2019, so that
the Board can have a better sense of the Continue reading “Video Captures Helen Keller Middle School Vibe”