Harry & the Lady in White

Harry O’Connor had just completed a thirteen day stretch without a day’s rest at the Chance-Vought aircraft plant in Stratford. In was mid-October of 1943 and the plant was churning out F4U Corsairs for the Navy. That aircraft was proving to be a vital weapon in turning the tide Continue reading “Harry & the Lady in White”

Death and the Historian

Just a few years back, my youngest daughter innocently summed up my work to new friends saying: “Oh, and that’s my mom.” As they passed by, she added, “She works with dead people.”

She wasn’t wrong. I do spend an inordinate amount of time getting to know the people of the past. Continue reading “Death and the Historian”

UPDATE: This Road Race Might Scare the Running Pants Off You

Editors’ note: The route of the race goes in the opposite direction of Union Cemetery and does not pass by the cemetery as previously reported. We are including a map of the race below to clarify the route: The “X” marks the location of Union Cemetery.

The route for Oct. 29 road Continue reading “UPDATE: This Road Race Might Scare the Running Pants Off You”

Between a Headstone & a Hard Place – Union Cemetery

Anyone who has passed by Easton’s Union Cemetery this summer has certainly noticed a difference in its appearance of late. Unlike the past few summers, the grounds are neatly mowed and the weeds and unkempt shrubs that formally obscured many of the headstones have been trimmed Continue reading “Between a Headstone & a Hard Place – Union Cemetery”

A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass

Updated 05/10/2022

Good Afternoon,


There is not much new to be learned from the Covid numbers.  Overall in the state it looks like we have at least leveled off. The numbers reported in Easton have fallen but again it is hard to know what to make of it.

A reminder from the Continue reading “A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass”

Thank You Volunteers!!!

One of the many great reasons Easton is such a wonderful town to live in is the New England tradition where neighbors come together to help each other with community projects that just can’t seem to get done any other way.

Anyone who has lived in town for more than a few years Continue reading “Thank You Volunteers!!!”

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Saturday looks like a washout for the clean-up at Union. If it’s wet Saturday morning, pour yourself an extra cup of coffee, read the latest in the Courier, drive over to the Firehouse Green, buy some plants from the wonderful ladies at the Easton Garden Club, and then rest up for Continue reading “Rain, Rain, Go Away!!”

Historic Union Cemetery Needs Your Help–Go Fund Me Campaign Underway and Community Cleanup May 7

Chances are, you’ve that heard ghosts haunt Union Cemetery, one of the town’s oldest burial grounds at the corner of Sport Hill Road and Stepney Road. Believed to be the most haunted cemetery in America, it is referenced in countless publications, websites and blogs that deal with Continue reading “Historic Union Cemetery Needs Your Help–Go Fund Me Campaign Underway and Community Cleanup May 7”

The Sad State of the Union

The essence of a true community burying ground, Union Cemetery at the corner of Sport Hill and Stepney Roads has seen better days. On Saturday, May 7, 2022, the people of Easton will have the opportunity to help begin to bring this historical cemetery back to its former glory by Continue reading “The Sad State of the Union”