Letter: Response to Lea Sylvestro

To the Editor:

Reading the Jan. 24 column from Lea Sylvestro, I was struck by the similarities of my own experience. Growing up white in a white town, I was ignorant of the plight of the non-white citizens until I was confronted with Martin Luther King, Jr. My guess is that many Continue reading “Letter: Response to Lea Sylvestro”

Letter: Vote for the Resolution

The To the Editor:

The Resolution to declare racism a public health crisis is not about white Eastonites. It does not label Easton or its population as racist. It asks us to consider and respond to areas of inequity and bias against people of color. It asks us to be mindful of Continue reading “Letter: Vote for the Resolution”

Letter: Racial Justice Should Be Discussed Civilly

To the Editor:

Today, my mailbox contained a document from the Citizens for Responsible Government that alarmed me because it was filled with accusations and vitriol. Words like “infected,” “foist,” “poisonous ideology” are meant to inflame and alarm the reader but the thought Continue reading “Letter: Racial Justice Should Be Discussed Civilly”