Letter: Response to the Letter from Sherry Harris

To the Editor:

Sherry Harris has objected to my Board of Selectmen meeting summaries. That is her perfect right. The summaries that Selectwoman Kristi Sogofsky and I alternately prepare after each meeting are intended to be a public service.

We are attempting to offer another Continue reading “Letter: Response to the Letter from Sherry Harris”

Video: Barlow Class of 2020 Graduates in Historic Car Procession

This year, graduation at Joel Barlow High School was like no other in the history of the school. The impact of Covid-19 has touched every aspect of the district’s educational programming. The event exemplified Easton and Redding’s commitment to their children and families on a day Continue reading “Video: Barlow Class of 2020 Graduates in Historic Car Procession”

Video: Bobby Bakes No Knead-e Bread

It’s been said that there are only two types of people, Italians and people who wished they were Italian. We La Valles always knew we were Italian, and figured we were at least 100% if not more. My mother’s parents were straight off the boat, yet dad’s folks were born in New York Continue reading “Video: Bobby Bakes No Knead-e Bread”