Twin Oaks – Ida Tarbell’s Farm

Part of the Historical Society of Easton’s Year of the Woman Series.

“…I had my little home in Connecticut which in the fifteen years since I had acquired it had not only grown increasingly dear to me; it had also taken on an importance which I had not foreseen. It had become the Continue reading “Twin Oaks – Ida Tarbell’s Farm”

Edna Ferber, Giant, & James Dean

Part of the Easton Historical Society’s Year of the Woman series.

Edna Ferber’s Treasure Hill estate on Maple Road in Easton was her country home from 1939 until 1952. It was here where she penned most of her novel, Giant. Released in 1952, the book became a lightning rod for criticism Continue reading “Edna Ferber, Giant, & James Dean”