Tucked away on a country lane in Easton is a greenhouse containing orchid varieties from all parts of the world. Many are for sale, others, like museum pieces are there to be studied and cultivated.

Some grow vertically, others cling to the sides of tree bark and still more are suspended from the ceiling. As exotic and slightly intimidating as they seem at first glance, one of the greenhouse owners, Lucas Carreno, assures that they are not complicated to care for. But if they fail to thrive, Lucas will take them in and heal them.

Several of the blooms emit aromas like fruit and chocolate. Others are oddly familiar, resembling a monkey’s face or a dancing lady. Lucas warns that many orchid species are blooming erratically as a result of climate change, even those sheltered in a greenhouse.

There are four upcoming workshops for those who want to learn about Orchid fundamentals and repotting techniques.

Full workshop schedule at JLOrchids.com

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