To the Editor:

We are writing to support the Easton Board of Education’s requested 4.24% increase.

We don’t have children currently in the school system, but we still fully support the proposed Board of Education increase. This increase covers the town’s contractual obligations and health insurance increases for our current staff and will reinstate necessary positions such as the HKMS media specialist as well as a Kindergarten teacher and paraprofessional.

During these uncertain times, our community must prioritize its excellent schools. Our town is well-positioned to attract home buyers fleeing New York City and other densely-populated areas in light of recent health concerns.

In addition to our bucolic charm and many farms, our schools set us apart and above other small CT towns, and will attract home buyers.

The property value of our home is very important to us, and to keep it from sharply declining, we must fund our schools.

We urge the Board of Finance to vote in favor of the requested Board of Education increase.


Robert Schrage and Shari Butler, MPH, Ph.D.


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