Receives Unanimous Support from Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston, and Westport Delegates

FAIRFIELD, CT – On Tuesday evening, Michelle McCabe secured the Democratic nomination for the 28th State Senate District representing Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston, and Westport.

“At my 2020 kick off in January, I expressed the same Connecticut-focused position as I did in 2018.  None of us could have predicted that months later, a pandemic would show us the degree to which our national division would threaten our very existence. The urgency with which we campaigned in 2018 now seems frighteningly prescient. It is not an overstatement that 2020 is the fight for our very lives and who we choose to lead us at all levels of government matters more than ever.  The challenges that will be before all elected officials will require a strength of purpose and willingness to make unpopular but necessary decisions, ones that will test the public’s stomach for personal sacrifice like never before in our lifetimes,” said McCabe. 

Referencing our nation’s core principles of “give me liberty or give me death” and “the land of the free,” McCabe speaks to the natural tension between being free and sacrificing some freedom to live in a society with others, an issue that has reached a dangerous boiling point amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

McCabe told convention attendees, “We aren’t terribly good at navigating the divide between what’s best for ourselves, and what’s best for the common good.  That’s why we outsourced that kind of decision-making to government. Our elected leaders have the unenviable job of weighing opposing interests and making a decision.  At least in theory, we elect people who we trust to make the right decision, to hear all sides of an issue, to ask experts as well as constituents, to take the long view and make a decision that will allow us all to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness even if it’s not exactly as we envisioned.”

McCabe, a dynamic community leader, seeks to bring a trustworthy, responsive, solution focused, and innovative approach to government. 

“We will only survive the challenge ahead if we elect people who we trust to thoughtfully and decisively lead us out of the pandemic and into what will be a very different world, and who are willing to brave the fallout of very unhappy people in the process,” said McCabe. “My opponent is not that person. I am.”

McCabe’s résumé is lengthy: Director of the Center for Food Equity and Economic Development (FEED) at the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport; Sacred Heart University School of Social Work Advisory Committee member; Fairfield University Center for Social Impact Steering Committee member; Connecticut Asset Building Collaborative, Co-Chair; Bridgeport Regional Business Council, Member; Women’s Business Development Council, Regional Advisory Committee Member; Connecticut Emergency Support Functions #6, Task Team Member; Accountable Health Communities Program, Advisory Board; Connecticut Food System Alliance, Member. Despite her extensive professional expertise, McCabe said the most important quality she brings to the table is courage.

“I have the courage to know that I don’t know everything, to welcome all opinions especially if they challenge my own, and to steadfastly make decisions that strike the proper balance between personal freedom and the common good, even if it doesn’t please everyone,” said McCabe. “You will always know where I stand. I’ll earn your vote because of my character, and I won’t avoid talking about something that I believe is right for fear you might disagree.”

McCabe ended the evening pledging to work hard as the Democratic endorsed candidate, as Senator for the 28th district and said she would “rise to the challenges we face and fearlessly fight for our future.”

Michelle McCabe is a long-time resident of Fairfield, Connecticut where she lives with her three children. She is the Director of the Center for Food Equity and Economic Development (FEED) at The Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport. 

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