Op-Ed: Moving Forward Together

Easton is celebrating its 175th birthday this year. Our journey began in 1762 as North Fairfield. Renamed “Easton” in 1845, the town continued to grow, thrive, and become the special place it is today. The success story didn’t happen in isolation. Easton’s everyday survival necessitated collaboration and mutual support across the greater community.  When wars, pandemics, famines, and economic downturn occurred, community strength was how we recovered. We owe our longevity, in part, to our ability to help each other. Easton’s survival was, and is, as part of a larger county, state, and nation.   

Now, we are at another crossroads with two critical decisions to make: how will we  enable our community to move forward and who will we empower to lead us there? For me the answer is easy — by electing this proven slate of Democrats.

At the top of Connecticut’s ticket is Congressman Jim Himes who is seeking to continue his service to Fourth District constituents, state Rep. Anne Hughes, who will be serving her second term for the 135th in Hartford, and Michelle McCabe who will take the reins as our state senator in the 28th. Each of these outstanding candidates possesses the right stuff at the right time. Their combined individual strengths, tenure, humility, courage, and compassion add up to a strong coalition to fuel our recovery and form the foundation of our ability to forge a path forward as a better state and nation.   

President Obama said, “Elections have consequences.” We’re living through those consequences now but more than 100,000 Americans aren’t. If you didn’t think who was in the White House or who was fighting for you in Congress or in Hartford mattered before, you can see it does now. Our lives depend on who leads us. 

There’s an old saying that you stand on the shoulders of those who come before you. It’s a great adage as long as there’s someone standing there with the strength to lift you up. Jim, Anne, Michelle, and Joe Biden (if given the nomination) have spent their lives demonstrating that strength. I urge us all to empower them to empower us. Make the choice to move Easton forward, lifted together.

About the Easton Democratic Town Committee: The Easton Democratic Town Committee is focused on working within our local and state communities to engineer solutions which will drive long-term prosperity for our residents, improve the quality of life in Easton, and ensure all members of our community’s needs are addressed. Visit: https://eastondems.org/platform/ for more information.

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