And The Winners Are:

The Easton 175th Committee is very excited to announce the winners of the Anniversary Logo Contest. The contest idea was born out of past Easton calls for logos for the Town Seal and the 150th Anniversary, and ran from June 1 till June 30 of this year.  The Easton Arts Council chose winners in each of three categories as follows:

Overall Official Logo — Brooke Alexander Caprio

Brooke Alexander Caprio

With a background in environmental policy and studies, Brooke focuses on preserving and maintaining the natural environment. 

“I’ve lived in Easton my entire life and find my joy in the rural beauty of the town, walking the trails and along the reservoir,” said Brooke. 

This passion for the town’s heritage drove the design for Brooke’s winning Easton 175th Anniversary logo submission, which incorporates both the leaf and the pinecone that are part of the official Easton logo. 

“I am so grateful for the fact that we can get fresh eggs, milk, butter and vegetables here locally,” said Brooke. “It is a blessing, and I want to support the local farms and the overall community.” 

Congratulations Brooke!

Young Adult Logo — Makeda Is Ra El Ali Bey 

Makeda Is Ra El Ali Bey

Makeda, a student at Helen Keller Middle school, is very excited to have won the Young Adult category.  “I found the contest randomly on the website, and decided to enter.  I’ve designed things in the past for fun, and wanted to represent Easton in its totality,” said Makeda, focusing on “bright but natural colors”. 

Makeda has lived in Easton her entire life. “I love the community and that fact that everyone helps each other out,” she said. “My family definitely encourages me to participate in the community.”

 Congratulations Makeda!

Kids Logo — Hayden Goldstein

Hayden Goldstein

Hayden, who will be a student at Helen Keller Middle school this fall, has a love of drawing, swimming, and baking.  “During quarantine, I decided to put my art out for others to see, rather than keeping it to myself,” said Hayden.  She adds that her design grew out of a love of big red tractors and lots of family fun. “I think it’s a good logo because it’s simple and clean” and represents some of the things she loves most about the town.”

Congratulations Hayden!

In the coming weeks, the website will incorporate the Official Easton 175th logo, and the Young Adult and Kids logos will be represented as well.  Winners will receive prizes including a certificate from the Town of Easton recognizing their achievement.  

Stay tuned for updates on the Easton 175th Anniversary celebrations!

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