Anne Hughes: Candidate Profile

Anne Meiman Hughes is the state representative, 135th district, serving Easton, Weston, and Redding. She serves on the Aging, Human Services, and Insurance and Real Estate Committees.

Anne grew up in Fairfield where many locals still recall school field trips to her family home for maple sugaring led by her father, a well-known local science teacher. 

As a first-term legislator, Anne played a pivotal role in the passage of paid family leave and the balanced state budget. Of the 79 bills she sponsored—exponentially more than her predecessor—most were in response to constituents’ concerns. Always accessible to help constituents navigate problems with state agencies, she shares her personal cell number on all communications and holds weekly district meetings.

Designated an Environmental Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters and a leader in the Bipartisan Women’s Caucus and the Progressive Caucus, Anne is considered one of the most influential freshman representatives in Hartford. A highly effective legislator for Easton, she led efforts to pass the Take Back Our Grid Act to force more accountability from power companies and secured funds to add 160 acres to the Aspetuck Land Trust and to launch a hemp growing pilot program for Redding and Easton farmers. 

She has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, American Federation of Teachers of Connecticut, the AFL-CIO, SEIU Workers Union, NARAL, Connecticut Working Families, Moms Demand Action, Connecticut Against Gun Violence, National Association of Social Workers Connecticut, and Animal Rights Voters. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Anne has led a district task force to make and deliver PPE to frontline workers.

Anne lives in Easton with her husband, Tim, and works as a licensed master social worker for Jewish Senior Services’ Institute on Aging and as coordinator for the Center for Elder Abuse Prevention. 

Statement on Top Three Issues Facing the District

After thousands of conversations, emails, and calls with constituents, three major, interconnected priorities emerge: Health care that is protected and affordable, including COVID-19 care; emerging from the COVID-19 recession with a more competitive state economy; and an across-the-board demand for accountability from government.

The COVID-19 pandemic—when the Trump administration left states to fend for ourselves and devise our own pandemic response—underscores the important role of state government in creating sound and responsive public health policy and access to affordable health care, even more critical since pre-existing conditions are in jeopardy nationally. 

I worked to provide more COVID tests and federal resources to our towns. I support the governor’s aggressive expansion of testing so we can safely reopen schools and businesses. I will continue our fight to reduce prescription drug prices—in July we become the first state in the nation to cap insulin prices at $25 a month—and I will re-submit legislation to expand the Connecticut Option Plan, making health insurance more affordable for self-employed, small businesses, and part-time workers.

Emerging from the COVID recession with a strong, competitive economy is also a major issue. I worked for passage of the Family Leave Act which makes the state more attractive for our global talent workforce and business alike and I have been a strong advocate of environmental climate-critical policy—from expanding the Aspetuck Land Trust to supporting the new State Water Plan, that makes our state more desirable as a place to live and work. I was a strong supporter of the Balanced Budget Act because it puts us on sound fiscal footing and lays the foundation for economic growth.

Our now historically high Rainy Day Fund enables us to tap into the Budget Reserve Fund to pay down debt liabilities, a first for Connecticut. I advocate renewable energy projects like solar and offshore wind, which we expanded during the last session because they create many high paying green jobs in the state.  That we have been one of the most successful states in the nation to develop and implement an effective COVID-19 strategy points to the strength of our economic future, because providing the public health infrastructure to control the virus creates conditions where businesses have confidence they can stay open and thrive, and families want to move here and grow here.

And finally, I believe the single most important issue facing voters—a demand from voters really—is for accountability from government, both for responsible policy and management of their tax dollars. I led the efforts to pass the Take Back Our Grid Act, forcing power companies to put ratepayers before shareholders to reduce our vulnerability to surprise rate hikes and lengthy outages and requiring oversight of everything from adequate staffing to executive salaries.  And we need to be accountable to our children by making sound gun safety policy, strong public education, and climate policy, pushing for a bolder renewable energy transition, renewable investment into our transportation and care infrastructure, and for a carbon-neutral future.

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