Democratic values

Elections have consequences. Elections are about selecting representatives who abide by their oath of office with integrity and do not disparage American values and principles. 

This year, our lives and future depend on who leads us. On November 3rd, we get to decide the destiny of our state and country.

Your Democratic candidates possess the right stuff at this crucial time. Their combined individual strengths — intelligence, integrity, experience, compassion, dedication — will fuel our recovery and forge a positive path forward.   They are ready and able to take on the critical challenges facing our state and country.

We must restore honesty and integrity in the White House and support the quality representation we have today in Congress.

Joe Biden tells us that this presidential election is a battle for the soul of our nation. He and Kamala Harris will build jobs and economic recovery, racial equity, and a sustainable clean energy future.

Congressman Jim Himes is a tireless voice for common sense, independent solutions to the challenges facing Connecticut. He works for the middle class, fighting for affordable health care for all, creating economic opportunity and tax fairness for working families, and taking on the NRA to end gun violence.

In Hartford, we need a firewall to protect Connecticut and Easton from the dismantling of our fundamental rights and to build an equitable and strong economy.

State Representative Anne Hughes is a worker, a fighter, and an influential legislator, delivering COVID-19 PPE throughout the district and helping get power restored after the hurricane. Now she is fighting to make the utility companies accountable. She is always accessible to her constituents with the latest updates and resources.

Anne’s Republican opponent does not represent Easton values:  he waffles on Trump; voted against expanding the ban on assault weapons; opposed Obamacare and, even in this pandemic, cites private sector competition, not government, as the way to make health care more affordable.  

Michelle McCabe has spent her career tackling the biggest economic challenges by investing in the people and businesses of Connecticut. She will fight for gun safety, education, affordable health care, and a green economy. We need Michelle’s professional, on-the-ground experience working for us.

Michelle’s Republican opponent does not represent Easton values: He voted against mailing absentee ballot applications to all registered voters during the pandemic, for making it easier to carry a gun into state parks, and against paid family medical leave. 

We urge you to put your absentee ballot in the official drop box as soon as possible or vote in person on November 3. See details on how to vote at

The Easton Democratic Town Committee supports candidates who work within local and state communities to engineer solutions which drive long-term prosperity for our residents, improve the quality of life, and ensure all members of our community’s needs are addressed. Maggie Silverstein is chair of the EDTC Elections Team.

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By Maggie Silverstein

Maggie Silverstein is Chair of the Elections Team of the Easton Democratic Town Committee.