This Nov. 3 we make decisions on who represents Easton in Hartford.  It is so important that the people we put in office reflect the values and beliefs of the citizens who live here. Republicans in Easton believe in the things we all want. 

We are not about giving up control over land use and education. We are not interested in defunding the police who make our town the safe community that it is.  We are therefore standing behind John Shaban for State Representative of the 135th District and Tony Hwang for State Senator of the 28th District. 

John and Tony are listening to our voices telling them we want control over where our kids go to school and how our money is spent.  You can find them in our town and not in neighboring cities protesting issues that are meant to move that candidate forward and not the residents of Easton. 

We live in a unique town with farms and reservoirs that are resources for all of Fairfield County.  That calls for unique representation. We have candidates who are respectful of its citizens and not furthering their own agenda.  John and Tony are qualified and experienced.  This is our time to be in charge of our local issues. Let’s make sure we elect people who respect that. 

Wendy Bowditch

Chairman, Easton Republican Town Committee

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