To the Editor:

I was truly disheartened to receive the recent mailer on “Important Easton Issues” that others have mentioned and discussed online. I’m upset that (new) residents would be greeted with such misguided propaganda, and might feel that their unique perspectives or beliefs were devalued in such a horrific way.

I have written to our Easton Diversity and Inclusion Task Force members as well as our Board of Selectmen with my displeasure in receiving this type of intimidation, misinformation, and misrepresentation of our residents or initiatives from an anonymous group or PAC. I urge you to do so as well. This is NOT who we are, and I won’t let this mailer speak on our behalf or as a recruitment tool for extremists hiding in our town.

If you read this mailer and felt unwelcome here or distressed for you or your family’s safety, I apologize on behalf of the writer(s). You deserve better from our community. You belong here. I’m glad that you are here. You are a valued addition to our town and all that it can be (now and in the future). Please know that there are many of us here who can’t wait to meet you, break bread with you, and build community with you.

It has never been more evident that a community (namely the writers and supporters of this mailer) could benefit from some critical diversity, equity and inclusion training and education, and I applaud our schools and town leadership for taking those very necessary steps in order to help foster the kindness, understanding, and safety of its residents and our youngest citizens.

Sarah Lehberger


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