Letter: Rethink the Sidewalk

To the Editor:

We need to start over. The current proposal for a multi-use pathway is too expensive, and totally inappropriate for our small, rural town. We are not, and should not strive to become, a city. The town is unique in its rural character with a funky charm, and that is what people come here for.

We are stewards of the water supply, and nothing is more important than preserving the water quality. Development of any sort threatens the quality of that water supply. Watershed protection is widely considered the best way of maintaining the quality of drinking water in the long term. While the State of New York has over 200,000 acres of land protecting its water supply, we have just a tiny fraction of that.

At the Town Meeting, it was made clear that no real alternatives were fully considered. The water company was not contacted about putting a pathway across the water company lands. No small foot path was considered.

The long-term cost for path replacement has not been included in the review process. Development just adds to the tax bill.

There has been no consideration of the potential for cars to enter the “path.” What will be the response of the town if this happens — would an unsightly guardrail be needed, or bollards? And what would that cost?

Like the Board of Finance did, vote no on March 30.

Jeff Becker