To the Editor:

Today I received an email from CRG (Citizens for Responsible Government). Firstly I question how this organization obtained my email address, never having submitted it to them.

Most important to me is the substantive and negative content of this organization’s message — which urged a “no” vote on several questions to be voted on at our town’s referendum March 30.

I disagree. Many town officials have worked diligently, professionally to submit proposals for improvements to our town infrastructure and services.

The reasons to support the proposed Sport Hill Sidewalk and shared Health District are many and have been presented extensively to town residents.

Please Eastonites, let’s be forward thinking and support these well-studied programs and projects and not succumb to the barrage of CRG’s naysayers.

Vote “YES” for a joint Health District — sharing resources and health information is vital, efficient, and smart.

Vote “Yes” for a sidewalk/walkway on Sport Hill Road — it’s a safety issue, and economically smart to use grant funds.

Maria “Masha” Watson


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