As we move towards Easter, many of us may be preparing for very different Easter and holiday celebrations. We may not be having our large family gathers, joining in community Easter Egg Hunts, or spending time with friends.

This perhaps makes the holidays even more spiritually meaningful. This pandemic has made the search for God even more necessary than in previous years. Let’s use this as a time to both remember our suffering and the suffering of others throughout the world and throughout history and to see the hope offered to us in the empty tomb.

For my little family the holiday season has already begun because we celebrate both Passover and Easter each year honoring our children’s Jewish and Christian heritage. And what I have learned and have come to value about the Jewish celebration is the remembrance of the hardships of the past and those of others in the world even as we celebrate the joys of present blessings.

This remembrance has taught me and can teach others that even in times of great struggles, as the world has experienced this year, there is always great hope to look forward to. For us, it may be the continued vaccination of the world, for others it might be a hope for progress in social tensions, for others it might just be the ability to see loved ones for the first time all year, and for others it is the hope that there is something greater than this worldly experience that ties us all together guiding and supporting us through this life.

This is a time for us all to see that the suffering of this world is not all there is. In the empty tomb on Easter morning, we are reminded that there is something more. There is hope and joy. When we look around at the evidence of spring: the beautiful crocus’, the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth springing to life, we are reminded that throughout hardship there is life that waits just below the surface.

So, come and gather with us for our Holy Week services this year via Zoom and YouTube. Join with us as we sing and feel the power of the popular hymn Morning Has Broken, “Mine is the sunlight! Mine is the morning born of the one light Eden saw play! Praise with elation, Praise every morning, God’s re-creation of the new day!”

All are welcome!

Maundy Thursday Tenebrae service 7:30PM via Zoom or in person

RSVP to the Church office at 203-261-2527 masks are required.

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Easter Morning Worship via YouTube

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