To the Editor:

The American Rescue Plan is a federally funded, grant-based plan that set aside
$350 billion to help states recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
From the allocation made available to Connecticut, we now know that $2.2
million is earmarked for Easton.

The American Rescue Plan outlines several subsets, identifying specific qualifying
needs for towns and cities to address. One of those subsets is called the
Coronavirus Capital Project Fund (CCPF). Its purpose is to “carry out critical
capital projects that directly enable work, education and health monitoring … in
response to the public health emergency.”

Easton’s EMS building needs to be replaced. The current building lacks space
to conduct educational training for its members as well as storage space for
medical supplies. Additionally, the building has significant drainage problems
and is structurally compromised.

Our EMS professionals provide a vital life-saving service to our community and
deserve a functional building to do their work.

The First Selectman needs to make a new EMS building a priority and should
apply the funds we receive to make that happen. Easton First.

Jeff Parker


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