Letter: First Selectman Keeps in Touch with Citizens

To the Editor:

I hope your readers and all of Easton’s citizens have benefited from their First Selectman’s weekly letters providing information and updates about what’s going on in Easton town government. I am grateful, especially during storms, power outages, and pandemics, that I can keep our residents informed and aware of what their town provides and can do to help out. I consider this one of the most essential responsibilities of the First Selectman.

I have received a letter from the chair of the Easton Republican Town Committee asking that I stop these communications for five months because I am a candidate for re-election.

I’d like to emphasize that I am committed to providing open and thorough communication and information to the people of Easton. Accordingly, as First Selectman, I will continue to write to my constituents regularly about matters of importance in town. I can assure everyone that, contrary to the opinions expressed in the RTC chair’s letter, there is nothing “partisan” or contrary to State law in these weekly letters. As is the case in this and previous letters that I feel have any chance of being construed as my opinion or as partisan I will share my thoughts in the Courier and make it clear that I am speaking for myself as opposed to for the town.

I look forward to continuing dialogue with all the citizens of Easton, and I will not be deterred from running an open, transparent and informative town government.

Dave Bindelglass

Easton First Selectman