To the Editor:

In his June 16 Courier letter, Jeff Parker advocated that ARP (American Rescue Plan) funds be used for a new EMS (Emergency Medical Services) building to replace our structurally compromised building.

It is interesting to see Parker promote solutions that build upon Democratic initiatives. Parker says the first selectman “needs to make a new EMS building a priority” even though First Selectman Dave Bindelglass has been working on this for months. During the April 6 BOF (Board of Finance) meeting, Bindelglass expressed his support for using ARP to fund a new EMS building, and continued that the “EMS Commission has been tasked with coming up with some preliminary ideas.” It seems Parker wants Bindelglass to keep doing what he’s been doing for Easton.

The ARP funds themselves are available only because Democrats have majority control of the U.S. House and Senate: not one Republican voted for the ARP. Maybe a Democratic majority is not such a bad thing.

In Parker’s first Courier letter in 15 months (obviously presented to gain electoral support, as he is seeking the Republican nomination to run for first selectman), he advocates for spending Democratic-designed funding to support an existing Democratic-supported initiative, presenting it as if it’s his new idea.

Parker closes with “Easton First.” Did Parker think we would spend the money in Groton? Is this anything more than mimicking his party’s head?

I serve as an alternate on the BOF, and whole-heartedly support swift movement for a new EMS building and using ARP funding.

Ira Kaplan


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