Letter: Exchange Club Meet and Greet

To the Editor:

Regarding the Meet and Greet at the Easton Village Store on Oct. 11, as president of the Easton Exchange club, I wanted to clarify some of the comments made regarding the event in your recent article.

This event was presented to the board of directors as a nonpartisan evening where the community would have an opportunity to meet both Democratic and Republican candidates. We are a nonpartisan club that has been in existence for 75 years and are celebrating the milestone this year. In the past we have held nonpartisan debates in the community so this appeared to be an appropriate venue to continue with that tradition.

Our members are on both sides of the aisle, and we do not support any candidates. We do, however, support local charities such as Operation Hope, The Salvation Army, Parenting Skills Center, Easton Senior Center, Joel Barlow Prom nights, Boy and Girl Scouts to name just a few.

As president, I was aware that the Lions Club pulled out of this event at the last minute, due to organizational issues, not due to political concerns. Neither I nor my board were aware that members of the Democratic party were unavailable that evening.

If we were, I can assure you a different date would have been selected. If this event were perceived in a partisan fashion, I can assure you that this was not the intent of the club, myself as its president or the board of directors.

As a national club our interest is to raise money for the benefit of the greater community and those in need.

Stephen Ehrens, President