Letter: Connecticut Zoning Bill Election Issue

To the Editor:

There are many important issues in this election, but I believe the most important has received little attention. The Connecticut Legislature passed Substitute House Bill No,. 6107, Public Act No. 21, AN ACT CONCERNING THE ZONING ENABLING ACT, ACCESSORY APARTMENTS, TRAINING FOR CERTAIN LAND USE OFFICIALS, MUNICIPAL AFFORDABLE HOUSING PLANS, AND A COMMISSION ON CONNECTICUT’S DEVELOPMENT AND FUTURE.

More than sixty years ago, the Connecticut Legislature did away with County governments and returned to the principle of home rule, on which Connecticut was founded. Now the leaders in Hartford seem determined to diminish the authority of town governments.

Easton no longer will be a jewel if we lose control of zoning. Sec 3 (j) of the Bill states that a municipality whose legislative body is a town meeting may opt out by a vote of the Board of Selectman.

If you want to preserve the rural beauty of Easton and protect the watershed properties, you must be sure that the Board of Selectmen candidates you vote for have pledged to opt out.

Mary Ann Freeman