It has been reported that Easton Board of Education member and Republican candidate for First Selectman Mr. Jeff Parker, covertly [unknown to all fellow board of education members] sent emails from parents reaching out to the board of education members with concerns around masks and diversity surveys to a local partisan organization. He did this not only looking for their assistance and supporting their mission but using his role on the board of education to aid their recruitment and what many in Easton would consider supporting this group’s divisive message. In response to the “Hello Easton” published article on this finding, his statement only alluded to a misstep, “…I made a mistake in sharing certain parental concerns.” But let’s look beyond the obvious issues of forwarding confidential emails.

As an unaffiliated voter in Easton who not only voted for Mr. Parker in 2017 for the school board but always votes both parties based on an individual’s known character rather than blind party affiliation my question is this – Since we have not heard Mr. Parker or Mrs. Kristi Sogofsky denounce or distance themselves from this group, and only have witnessed an undeniable clear endorsement of this group by Mr. Parker’s email forwards to them, are we to assume they are both 100% in alignment with the tenants of the group and the divisions they leave in their wake in Easton and Redding Schools? Are we to assume the Easton Republican Town Committee is also supportive of this group as a few prominent members were also bcc’d on forwarded emails? One must wonder. It also should be noted that this local group is using the same playbook as national groups like Heritage Action for America. Educate yourself on what is happening in our town, it’s all out there.

Additionally, the healing and bringing together of Easton that they mention (and I agree) is so needed, one must wonder how that will be done as the foundation of this division is based on the national agenda of this local group looking to infiltrate Easton.

Mimi Jacob, Unaffiliated Voter


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