South Park Avenue Bridge Reconstruction Completed

Today First Selectman David Bindelglass and town officials held the ribbon cutting for the South Park Avenue bridge, which they are happy to open before winter.

Selectmen Kristi Sogofsky and Bob Lessler were there, along with Norm Nagy of Nagy Brothers Construction and Bruce Bombero, assistant town engineer, as well as police Captain Jon Arnold and several neighbors.

“We are thrilled to have the bridge open on time and before winter in these challenging times,” Bindelglass said. “Thanks to all for their patience in dealing with the detours and delays. Thanks to our Department of Public Works as well.”

This was the second bridge that required reconstruction on South Park Avenue, a heavily traveled commuter road near the Merritt Parkway’s Exit 47 Interchange.

The first South Park Avenue bridge reconstruction was completed in June 2020. You can read about the first bridge reconstruction project here.

The second bridge reconstruction project began May 7 and was completed on Dec. 2. Nagy Brothers Construction of Monroe was the low bidder and completed the project with the assistance of the Easton Department of Public Works. It was funded by the State of  Connecticut for $1,518716.40.

“We’ve been dealing with detours around this area for quite a while,” Sogofsky said. “Thank you to everyone for their patience as crews completed this bridge, as well as the prior one. Please drive safely!”

Lessler said he is pleased both South Park Avenue bridges are now complete. “This second bridge was completed in just under seven months — May to December,” he said. “It looks great. Those of us who reside in the southeast corner of town welcome a return to normal traffic patterns. Congratulations to all who got the job done so efficiently.”