Open Letter to Easton Board Finance Re: EMS Building Replacement

To the Editor:

To the Easton Board of Finance: We are strongly in favor of applying American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds towards replacing our EMS Building if it is determined that we can use these funds without negative consequences to our town. Having said that, we have a few questions regarding this new building:

1. Where will it be located and how will its location be determined? We cannot recall seeing any information about this. There is the usual undercurrent chatter of “back room deals” circulating about this.

2. Who is responsible for ensuring that we have transparency and open disclosure on all matters concerning the issues involved with our desperately-needed EMS building replacement.

3. How do Easton’s zoning laws affect the decision to locate this new building? Will our current zoning laws be broken, modified, or weakened because of this decision and, if so, how will this be enacted?

Grant and Peggy Monsarrat


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