Last week a tiny hint of fall was detectable in the gentle puffs of cooler air. It must have felt a godsend to those who farm and work outdoors. In our community of walkers, runners, cyclists and gardeners, the relief was palpable.

Many in Easton say that fall is the most beautiful time here. Local corn and tomatoes will be at their peak in the coming weeks and the weather will moderate. We’re all hoping for generous rains to replenish our water supply. Our wildlife too need our small ponds and streams in which to refresh. Our neighborhood egret has been gone from the pond on our street and we are eager for his return.

The seasonal shift also brings melancholy. The Easton Volunteer Fireman’s Carnival and the Citizens for Easton farm tour are behind us. Soon, there will be shorter days curtailing outdoor activities and for some of us less time to read spy novels on the porch until the last light of the day fades into darkness.

For students and educators, those of us lucky enough to get a sizable break, it’s time to get busy again. The Sunday night nerves will be back before we know it.

Next week the Courier’s Executive Editor, Nancy Doniger, will be moving to the Finger Lakes area to realize the dream of living near her parents, children and grandchildren. As most in town know, Nancy was editor-in-chief of the old print Courier and was largely instrumental in reinventing it as an on-line free source of community news and feature stories for our town. She has promised to stay connected when she and her husband, Paul, get settled. To the Courier board’s great pleasure, Nancy will retain the title of consulting editor and continue to participate.

Nancy has gifts that are in short supply: She is wise and compassionate, rarely given to temper and always looking for the kindest way to solve a problem. She has weathered criticism with dignity and accepted praise with humility.  In her long career in journalism, her talents have been professionally recognized many, many times over. I admire her and wish there were more like her in the media. On a personal note, like so many in our community, I will miss her a lot.

As the Concerts on the Hill at Christ Church come to a close for the season and the last of the outdoor events at Greiser’s wrap up, I for one hope we can head into autumn recognizing our good fortune to live here and seek ways to put friendship over ideological differences. With the coming of pumpkin and apple picking at our local farms, school sporting events and movie nights at the library, I believe we’ll be getting off to a great start.

Egret Photo by Tomas Koeck

All photos of Nancy courtesy of her family and friends

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