Editor’s note: The Easton Courier asked candidates to submit a profile and a statement discussing three top issues facing Easton and how the candidate will help address them. Thomas Dollard, Republican-endorsed incumbent for the Zoning Board of Appeals, submitted the following response.

Profile and Statement

Tom Dollard (U)

Thomas Dollard is a 40-year resident of Easton, with nearly five decades of corporate and educational experience that spans roles with General Electric, Black & Decker and as an adjunct professor with Sacred Heart University. Tom is married to Linda Dollard, a retired school psychologist and former volunteer for several Town of Easton committees.

Dollard is seeking re-election to the Zoning Board of Appeals, a position he has held since 2021.  He is currently chair of the board. For several years prior, Dollard served as an alternate member.  

For the town of Easton, Dollard has also served on the Solid Waste Commission, and is a past president of the Lions Club.  Dollard has lived in Easton since 1983.  Both of his children graduated from Joel Barlow High School; his daughter, Alicia Young, is an Easton resident, and his grandchildren are attending Easton schools. 

Dollard is running to maintain his position on the Zoning Board of Appeals because he believes that safeguarding Easton’s zoning regulations is the most fundamental way of ensuring that our shared rural, agricultural, and water-rich environment is preserved. 

“We moved our family to Easton because it offered the very best schools, community and environment, yet it had convenient access to shopping and commercial areas,” said Dollard. “We have enjoyed many decades in town, and I want to ensure my grandchildren can continue to have the same benefits of living in Easton.”

Prior to his retirement, Dollard was Chief Financial Officer for the Black & Decker Household Products Group in Shelton. He led the Goldman Sachs Investors Team in selling Black & Decker Household Products in 1997.

Dollard held multiple management roles within General Electric, joining as a high school trainee in 1962, followed by positions in GE’s corporate audit staff, medical systems division, household appliances division and GE Supply.  

Dollard is a well-read world traveler, having visited and worked in countries across Asia Pacific, North and South America, and Europe.  He is the second of five children, born and raised in Queens, New York.  Dollard attended All Hallows Catholic High School in the Bronx and remains an active supporter of that institution. He self-funded his education at St. John’s University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Dollard is an active gardener, golfer, reader, and New York Giants fan.  

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