A Place for History

“Behing the Stone Walls” Garden Tour Invitation, W. Tressler, 2002.

Twenty years ago this week, hundreds of people gathered at the Bradley-Hubbell House off Black Rock Turnpike to celebrate the recreation of its perennial flower garden and to fundraise for the historic homestead.  Continue reading “A Place for History”

Life in a Reservoir Town

In March of 1897, Curtis Thompson, a well-regarded attorney of many years in Bridgeport presented a case on behalf of the town of Easton at a judiciary committee hearing in Hartford.
At issue was Easton’s grand list that had been materially reduced when the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company Continue reading “Life in a Reservoir Town”

In Memoriam: Remembering Bill Kupinse

If you want to know what Bill Kupinse meant to Easton, best to know what Easton meant to him. That’s easy enough. After his family and his beloved wife, Pat, Easton meant almost everything. 

From Silverman’s, on down the road to Greiser’s. From the Saugatuck, on over to the Hemlock. Continue reading “In Memoriam: Remembering Bill Kupinse”

Op-Ed: What Is Easton Fire District #1?

I live in lower Easton, and for 26 years I have paid taxes to Easton fire District #1. I never really understood what these taxes were for and I never understood that this was completely separate from the Easton volunteer fire department.

Like many of us, I just paid the tax without Continue reading “Op-Ed: What Is Easton Fire District #1?”

The Bridgeport Hydraulic Company & Eminent Domain

Eminent domain. Merrium-Webster defines it as: a right of a government to take private property for public use by virtue of the superior dominion of the sovereign power over all lands within its jurisdiction.

When I was growing up in the 1950’s, the mere mention of the Bridgeport Continue reading “The Bridgeport Hydraulic Company & Eminent Domain”

Aspetuck Valley Orchards & the Apple Barn

A personal account as written exclusively for the Historical Society of Easton by Noel Quinton.

Part One of a Two Part Series – The Orchards:

During the summer of 1973 countless games of ping-pong were played in our barn on a recently acquired table that filled the rear bay between Continue reading “Aspetuck Valley Orchards & the Apple Barn”

Then & Now – Finding the Lost Birdsey Beers House

One of the glaring inequities of the splitting of Weston into two separate towns in May of 1845 was the state’s decision to allow the much smaller of the two towns — Weston which had about half as many houses — to retain all the land records that had been amassed since the original Continue reading “Then & Now – Finding the Lost Birdsey Beers House”