Column: Tender Times

Do you feel tears sting your eyes at the weirdest times? Say when the register guy at Trader Joe’s says, “You’re so energetic! Thanks for bagging!” A lump in your throat and yes, tears. Covid has left many of us emotionally volatile, tender as newborns. It’s an affliction, this pandemic, stretching Continue reading “Column: Tender Times”

Live Photo Reception Attracts Appreciative Audience

The Easton Arts Council resumed its in-person photography reception this year after canceling it last year during the height of the Covid pandemic. The council honors and awards the contest winners at the annual show, which highlights Easton’s natural beauty with a general category Continue reading “Live Photo Reception Attracts Appreciative Audience”

Red Maple Outside My Window

There’s a red maple outside my window 

And today it is my friend. 

I think it’s part of the eternal plan: sustenance 

Providing what I need 

On this gray afternoon 

Approaching winter 

Its star-like leaves point in all directions 

Filling the space around slender dark Continue reading “Red Maple Outside My Window”

A Fortunate Early Morning Encounter

Swans on Aspetuck Reservoir by Kaitlin Anne Kyle

Prize winning photographer Kaitlin Anne Kyle of Bethel says her boyfriend and family tease her because no matter where she’s driving, she constantly comments on passing scenes that would make a great photo.

The morning she took Continue reading “A Fortunate Early Morning Encounter”

Letter: Carefully Considering my Vote in 100 Words

To the Editor:

I’d like to explain why I support the re-election of David Bindelglass. After living in Easton 39 years, serving on boards and committees, I’ve learned that real leadership is crucial: a striking quality of our current first selectman.

David believes in people, Continue reading “Letter: Carefully Considering my Vote in 100 Words”

Column: ‘Shop Windows’ by Tom Rudne Photo Exhibit

Disturbing and Deeply Rewarding!

The depth of vision expressed in Tom Rudne’s exhibition of photographs currently on view at the Easton Public Library offers a fascinating journey through shop windows to images that stare right back at you. It’s a trip not to be taken lightly.

Continue reading “Column: ‘Shop Windows’ by Tom Rudne Photo Exhibit”

Ode to Green

Let me emerge a grasshopper, green

From egg and nymph be spun

The color of leaves as they first unfurl

When spring has just begun

Let me be a blade of grass

Amid the chorus in the wind

A single, individual shaft

With all creation as its kin

A humble flag, yet staff of life

For hungry Continue reading “Ode to Green”

The Library Established New Viewing Hours for Art Exhibits

In an effort to balance the many uses of its Conference Room with the ability of the public to view the art exhibits, the Easton Public Library, in collaboration with the Easton Arts Council, has established new viewing hours. The art in the Conference Room, which generally changes Continue reading “The Library Established New Viewing Hours for Art Exhibits”

Cleo Sonneborn’s Solo Art Show Debuts at Library

Cleo Sonneborn painting watercolor in her home art studio.

Longtime Easton resident Cleo Sonneborn’s watercolor paintings are on exhibit in the conference room at the Easton Public Library. No opening reception was possible due to Covid-19 safety considerations, but her work will Continue reading “Cleo Sonneborn’s Solo Art Show Debuts at Library”

Award Winning Local Photographer Uses Art as Expression in All Matters of Life

The Easton Arts Council held its annual photography contest recently, awarding a combination of cash prizes, ribbons and certificates of recognition to 10 photographers, including Sara Adriani, a college student from Easton.  

There has always been a Local, or Easton category in Continue reading “Award Winning Local Photographer Uses Art as Expression in All Matters of Life”