Car Crashes through Window at Greiser’s

Phil Doremus and Dick Greiser survey the situation after a car drove through the right front window.

A patron failed to put his car in reverse and drove through the right front window of Greiser’s Coffee and Market Friday morning. It might have been April fools day, but the accident Continue reading “Car Crashes through Window at Greiser’s”

Halloween Party this Weekend at Greiser’s

Greiser’s Coffee and Market invites the community to a Halloween party on Sunday, Oct. 24 outdoors in the parking lot. Musician Dan Carlucci will perform, and the market will be open until 5 p.m. The BeeWitched food truck will be in attendance to cater the event.  

This is just Continue reading “Halloween Party this Weekend at Greiser’s”

Conversations with the Irrepressible Dolly Curtis

Pretty much anyone who knows Dolly, and most in Easton do, knows that there are no short stop-and-chats with her.  The conversations will be long and Dolly will do most of the talking. Sometimes a listener will wonder where she’s going when she embarks on a magical mystery tour of Continue reading “Conversations with the Irrepressible Dolly Curtis”

Recording Easton’s History One Interview At a Time

The late actress Bette Davis once dined at a Black Rock Turnpike home in Easton. Carol Mills has the autographed tablecloth to prove it.

Mills’ recollection of hosting the actress is part of the town’s Oral History Project, an effort to interview and preserve the town’s history Continue reading “Recording Easton’s History One Interview At a Time”

Bindelglass Follows up on Support for Intersection Improvements

I would like to take this opportunity to follow up on the discussion at the last Board of Selectmen meeting and my last post regarding improvements in town, most specifically the potential work on the intersection of Center Road and Route 136. Clearly, when there are large events Continue reading “Bindelglass Follows up on Support for Intersection Improvements”