Easton Holds Peace Vigil for Ukraine

There was joy and sadness at the Vigil for Peace in Ukraine last night on the library lawn, where about 100 Easton residents gathered in solidarity. Despite the solemn occasion, friends and neighbors were happy to see one another and to support local aid efforts for Ukrainian refugees Continue reading “Easton Holds Peace Vigil for Ukraine”

Column: Know Your Easton Board of Education Members

Jen de Jesus, Jenny Chieda and Devon Wible Continue Their Service 

There are currently three open seats on the Board of Education, and there are three people running for those seats. Because it’s a local board, Easton Board of Education needs to have equal representation from Republicans Continue reading “Column: Know Your Easton Board of Education Members”

Jenny Chieda (R), Easton Board of Education Candidate Bio

As an Easton native, I know first-hand that a childhood in Easton is a gift.  It has been my honor to serve on the Easton Board of Education for the past six years, working to ensure that part of a childhood in Easton includes an excellent, caring, responsive, and joyful education.  Continue reading “Jenny Chieda (R), Easton Board of Education Candidate Bio”