Tony Hwang Candidate Statement: Common Grace, Forgiveness and Kindness

There once was a time in America, quite recently, when civility and acceptance was commonplace and empathy for the suffering was sympathetically expressed. Now, we have far too many people who outwardly disdain and distrust others for no justifiable reason other than they are different Continue reading “Tony Hwang Candidate Statement: Common Grace, Forgiveness and Kindness”

How to Manage in Challenging Times

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.” — Buddha

How do we learn to prioritize our mental health and protect our thought pattern as we maneuver through a world that is riddled with unpredictability? The looming fear of the coronavirus, the election, Continue reading “How to Manage in Challenging Times”

Reaching Out to Your Neighbors

What is one simple way to help someone? It’s thinking of a way we can all make someone happy during this coronavirus pandemic. It’s something neighborly and friendly to show we care.

We hope you can embrace some “HappyEastonKindness” by doing good in our community, now during this Continue reading “Reaching Out to Your Neighbors”