Letter: Easton Republican Town Committee Caucus

To the Editor:

The Easton Republican Town Committee had its biennial caucus on Tuesday, Jan. 4 to select members of the committee. As your Chair, I want to thank those who have served over the years with their time, talent and dedication to the party.

The ERTC membership for Continue reading “Letter: Easton Republican Town Committee Caucus”

Letter: Republican BOF Members Did Propose to Defund Park & Rec

To the Editor,

The Republican BOF members did make a motion to defund the Park & Rec budget last March, with no formal plan to consolidate the department with another department.

Separately, a second motion was made by the R’s to consolidate field maintenance into the Highway Continue reading “Letter: Republican BOF Members Did Propose to Defund Park & Rec”

Letter: Maureen Williams for R9 Board of Education

To the Editor:

Re-elect Maureen Williams to the ER9 BOE. As Maureen’s friend and neighbor for decades, I can attest that she is a meticulous, hardworking and brilliant negotiator, quick to parse complex and nuanced issues.

She has served on the BOE since 2017 and has helped Continue reading “Letter: Maureen Williams for R9 Board of Education”