Board of Selectmen Meeting of June 16, 2022

The Easton Board of Selectmen held its second regular meeting for the month on June 16 with First Selectman Bindelglass appearing via Zoom and Selectmen Lessler and Sogofsky present in person.

The board approved a road opening bond for property located at 18 The Circle as recommended Continue reading “Board of Selectmen Meeting of June 16, 2022”

Letter: Vote ‘Yes’ for the South Park Sale

To the Editor:

One of the ways I volunteer in Easton is as chair of the Cemetery Committee. The committee is responsible for maintaining and preserving Easton’s town property in the cemeteries. Like South Park, the cemeteries are special places that need not just basic property Continue reading “Letter: Vote ‘Yes’ for the South Park Sale”

Democratic Town Committee Closing Statement to Voters

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Maya Angelou.

Democratic candidates in this year’s municipal elections have shown Easton who they are. They are skilled, respectful professionals willing to devote their time and talent to public service because they are driven Continue reading “Democratic Town Committee Closing Statement to Voters”

Letter: Maureen Williams for Region 9 Board of Education

To the Editor:

The ER 9 BoE needs Maureen’s unparalleled competencies for a second term on the board.

Her ability to collaborate with colleagues from differing perspectives, willingness to take the lead on committees, ability to prioritize competing student needs and make sensible Continue reading “Letter: Maureen Williams for Region 9 Board of Education”

Easton Democrats Endorse Slate for November Election

Proven Leadership Plus New Energy

The Easton Democratic Town Committee (EDTC) on July 27 unanimously and enthusiastically endorsed 16 candidates for municipal office. The slate includes incumbents with valuable experience as well as new residents who understand the importance of Continue reading “Easton Democrats Endorse Slate for November Election”

Commentary: Telling Easton’s Best Story

David Bindelglass has announced his run for a second term as first selectman. On behalf of the Easton DTC, we’re grateful and excited. We knew he’d do a great job, and now we know how lucky we were to have him at the helm during these unstable times. His sensible decision-making Continue reading “Commentary: Telling Easton’s Best Story”

Letter: An Arc of Justice for All

The work for diversity and inclusion is about more than acknowledging the ongoing battle against racism. It’s about helping a community focus on those who need our support— from LGBTQ, BIPOC, seniors, women, and to anyone who may be in crisis or left out. That’s why it’s called diversity Continue reading “Letter: An Arc of Justice for All”

Resilience and Unity Mark Easton’s 175th Anniversary

The year 2020 will be memorable for many reasons. It will likely appear in history textbooks with a negative slant due to the outbreak of Covid-19. The town of Easton, however, was determined not to let anything dampen its spirits this year as it celebrated its 175th anniversary.

Continue reading “Resilience and Unity Mark Easton’s 175th Anniversary”

Gilbertown Cemetery Becomes a Time Capsule to Celebrate Easton’s 175th

Local residents were treated to a walk through history Oct. 24 as local historian Frank Pagliaro led a tour of the 252-year-old historic Gilbertown Cemetery.

The event, which is a part of Easton’s continuing 175th Anniversary celebrations, began in the brisk morning at 10:30 a.m. Continue reading “Gilbertown Cemetery Becomes a Time Capsule to Celebrate Easton’s 175th”

Letter: Elect Michelle McCabe, D-28th District

To the Editor:

Michelle McCabe is the Senator we need in the 28th District. We lack responsible, pro-active representation and have no time for passive posturing when the GOP SCOTUS puts the ACA at risk. Connecticut residents will lose coverage, reproductive and mental healthcare Continue reading “Letter: Elect Michelle McCabe, D-28th District”