Letter: ‘Pathway’ Simply Wrong Design for Easton

To the Editor:

Vote ‘”No” for the pathway. It is a monstrosity as proposed. Were we talking a simple sidewalk to get people more safely from Keller to The Village Store, well, we’ve done without for decades, but OK, let’s discuss that.

But a 10-foot wide sidewalk? What the heck Continue reading “Letter: ‘Pathway’ Simply Wrong Design for Easton”

Letter: Dear Eastonites and Board of Finance

To the Editor:

The  $1,250,000 multi-use pathway project was misrepresented to the BOF and to the voting public. The town advisory question asked if we supported funding $250,000 (20%) for a sidewalk project on Sport Hill Road. Omitted from the provided information are numerous Continue reading “Letter: Dear Eastonites and Board of Finance”

Letter: Vote for the Pathway

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my support for the proposed multi-use pathway between Helen Keller Middle School and Silverman’s Farm. The primary reason for the pathway is simple – there is a clear and present danger for people walking on the side of the road, especially Continue reading “Letter: Vote for the Pathway”

Letter: Prioritize Town’s Financial Needs

To the Editors:

The proposed sidewalk from Helen Keller School to Silverman’s parking lot is, in my view, not a priority; whereas, updating or replacing the EMS building really is. I recognize that there are dollars being offered by the state for the sidewalk project, and those are Continue reading “Letter: Prioritize Town’s Financial Needs”

Voters Will Make Major Decisions About Easton’s Future UPDATED

At Two Upcoming Town Meetings and Two Town-wide Votes

Easton property owners will help chart the town’s future at two upcoming Town Meetings on March 23 and April 26, and two town-wide votes on March 30 and May 4. In addition, taxpayers can register their opinion about the proposed Continue reading “Voters Will Make Major Decisions About Easton’s Future UPDATED”

Letter: Easton Desperately Needs A New EMS Building

To the Editor:

At the March 9 Easton Board of Finance budget meeting it was clearly pointed out that we desperately need a new EMS building to protect all of our citizens, including our health-compromised seniors who are among the most frequent users of our Emergency Medical Services. Continue reading “Letter: Easton Desperately Needs A New EMS Building”

Letter: Strong Support of Pathway

To the Editor:

As an Easton resident and father of four school-age children, I am writing in support of the multi-use pathway between Helen Keller Middle School and Silverman’s Farm.

This path provides a number of benefits to the community and I strongly advise the Board of Finance Continue reading “Letter: Strong Support of Pathway”

Sport Hill Road Design Charette

Final Concept Plan for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Improvements along Sport Hill Road

Easton Planning, in coordination with the Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments (METROCOG) and the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG), held a design charette focusing Continue reading “Sport Hill Road Design Charette”