Letter: A Sidewalk Does Not a City Make

To the Editor:

Many Eastonites are fighting against the proposed sidewalk as a dangerous step towards the urbanization of our town.

I believe this is a foolish exaggeration that could not be further than the truth. Our town is marked by community spirit and pride, neighbors knowing Continue reading “Letter: A Sidewalk Does Not a City Make”

Letter: A Last-Minute Plea For Easton Citizens’ Safety and Fiscal Responsibility

To the Editor:

For the safety of Easton pedestrians and sensible use of our taxpayer funds, we should Vote “NO” on advisory BALLOT ITEM #5 that calls for spending a quarter-million dollars of our taxpayer money to build a multi-use sidewalk right next to speeding traffic on Sport Continue reading “Letter: A Last-Minute Plea For Easton Citizens’ Safety and Fiscal Responsibility”

Letter: Some thoughts on the Sidewalk Vote on Tuesday

To the Editor:

On Tuesday we vote on “advising” the Town to build an 8-to-10-foot wide, two-lane sidewalk on the east side of Sport Hill Road running from Helen Keller Middle School to Silverman’s Farm. It will narrow to a 6-foot wide walkway at the Easton Village Store.

Letter: Yes for Sport Hill Road Sidewalk

To the Editor:

I would like to express my opinion on the proposed sidewalk on Route 59, Sport Hill Road. This subject certainly dominated the public comments at the recent March 23 Special Town Meeting for a good 45 minutes. As a 35-year resident of Easton I support this project Continue reading “Letter: Yes for Sport Hill Road Sidewalk”

Letter: Easton Desperately Needs A New EMS Building

To the Editor:

At the March 9 Easton Board of Finance budget meeting it was clearly pointed out that we desperately need a new EMS building to protect all of our citizens, including our health-compromised seniors who are among the most frequent users of our Emergency Medical Services. Continue reading “Letter: Easton Desperately Needs A New EMS Building”

Sport Hill Road Design Charette

Final Concept Plan for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Improvements along Sport Hill Road

Easton Planning, in coordination with the Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments (METROCOG) and the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG), held a design charette focusing Continue reading “Sport Hill Road Design Charette”