Easton’s Grand List Increases 0.38%

Easton’s grand list increased 0.38% in 2020. The net grand list as of Oct. 1, 2020 stands at $1,299,045,047, up $4,922,412 from $1,294,122,635 in 2019.

The grand list is a compilation of all taxable property in town as of Oct. 1, 2020. It is made up of real estate, motor vehicle, Continue reading “Easton’s Grand List Increases 0.38%”

Op-Ed: What Is Easton Fire District #1?

I live in lower Easton, and for 26 years I have paid taxes to Easton fire District #1. I never really understood what these taxes were for and I never understood that this was completely separate from the Easton volunteer fire department.

Like many of us, I just paid the tax without Continue reading “Op-Ed: What Is Easton Fire District #1?”

Bindelglass Follows up on Support for Intersection Improvements

I would like to take this opportunity to follow up on the discussion at the last Board of Selectmen meeting and my last post regarding improvements in town, most specifically the potential work on the intersection of Center Road and Route 136. Clearly, when there are large events Continue reading “Bindelglass Follows up on Support for Intersection Improvements”

Bindelglass Explains New Measures for Communal Protection

Good Morning,   

As of last evening, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Easton was 21. To underscore the need for continued and increased efforts at social distancing and self and communal protection, we have made changes to our normal routines in Town Hall. When moving Continue reading “Bindelglass Explains New Measures for Communal Protection”