Himes Vows to ‘Restore Civility and Decency in our Daily Discourse’

Easton and Connecticut’s 4th U.S. Congressional District voted to return Jim Himes to Congress as U. S. representative for another seventh term. Himes defeated his Republican challenger, Jonathan Riddle, and Independent candidate, Brian Merlen, according to an Associated Press projection Continue reading “Himes Vows to ‘Restore Civility and Decency in our Daily Discourse’”

Jonathan Riddle Candidate Statement: A Vision for a Better Connecticut

Why am I running for Congress?  As a 31-year-old homeowner in the 4th District, I have a stake in the well-being of Connecticut. I want to see Connecticut return to its once prominent position as one of the most enviable states of the Union. When I see entrenched politicians continuously Continue reading “Jonathan Riddle Candidate Statement: A Vision for a Better Connecticut”

Letter: Support Jim Himes for Congress

To The Editor:

We have been very fortunate to be represented by our extremely hard-working and effective Congressman, Jim Himes.

While providing exceptional constituent services, Jim fights to build and maintain affordable health care, secures resources for our state’s economy Continue reading “Letter: Support Jim Himes for Congress”

Easton Democratic Town Committee Commentary

Democratic values

Elections have consequences. Elections are about selecting representatives who abide by their oath of office with integrity and do not disparage American values and principles. 

This year, our lives and future depend on who leads us. On November 3rd, we get Continue reading “Easton Democratic Town Committee Commentary”

Letter: Re-Elect Congressman Jim Himes

To the Editor:

Congressman Jim Himes has been a champion for his constituents, fighting to preserve our democracy and civil rights. He has worked tirelessly to protect voting rights, combat partisan gerrymandering and ensure the integrity of our elections.

Jim has opposed wage Continue reading “Letter: Re-Elect Congressman Jim Himes”