The Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Office of Engineering is developing plans to rehabilitate the pavement on Route 58 in Fairfield and Easton.

The purpose of the project is to preserve the pavement condition. The project involves rehabilitating the pavement on Route 58 between mile markers 3.75 and 6.90.

The present schedule indicates that the design will be completed in fall 2020, with construction anticipated to start in spring 2021, assuming acceptance of the project and availability of funding. This project will be undertaken with one hundred percent (100%) state funds.

It is the Department’s policy to keep the public informed and involved when such projects are undertaken. It is important that the community share its concerns with the Department to assist in the project’s development. A public informational meeting will not be conducted for this project as its scope is considered routine maintenance.

If anyone has any questions or comments on this project, contact Mr. Matthew R. Vail, P.E., Principal Engineer, at (860) 594-3274 or by e-mail at Please make reference to State Project No. PP045-0001.

TELEPHONE: (860) 594-3062
FAX: (860) 594-3065

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