Let me emerge a grasshopper, green

From egg and nymph be spun

The color of leaves as they first unfurl

When spring has just begun

Let me be a blade of grass

Amid the chorus in the wind

A single, individual shaft

With all creation as its kin

A humble flag, yet staff of life

For hungry creatures here within

A universe of vast array

From chlorophyll, the magic djinn

Let me be a canopy

Fortress to the forest floor

Arbiter of light and shade

Conductor shaping life’s parade

Breathing in and breathing out

co 2 to oxygen

Mist and cloud to bring about

With every exhalation

In future might I be reborn

A darner dragonfly

Surveying ponds and well beyond

Hunting for my prey

To molt my skin, green, shimmering

And grow it back again

With nature’s ever sleight of hand,

Dress me verdantly!

Photosynthesize my soul

And plant me with the masses

To be serene above the green

Of stems and spores of mosses

Let me be a grasshopper

So I can wear the green

The magisterial colors

Of nature’s bounty, seen

  • Common Green Darner — Lucy Crossman Photo
  • Amazing Grass — Cleo Sonneborn Photo
  • Tree Crown — Cleo Sonneborn Photo
  • Insect in web — Jon Sonneborn Photo
  • Pond and trees — Cleo Sonneborn Photo
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