At the next Board of Selectmen meeting I will officially make public the final report of the South Park Avenue Advisory Committee. It is a well-reasoned and well thought out report which the selectmen will consider as we move forward with the potential disposition of the South Park property.

As many of you know, that property was acquired in 2008 by the Town of Easton, and has been the subject of numerous discussions about what to do with the property ever since.

However, that is not the point which I chose to discuss at this time. What I do want to talk about is the efforts made by the members of this committee.  It is a diverse group of individuals who were willing to work together to delve into a very complicated and controversial subject. 

They knew that  they were putting themselves in the proverbial line of fire, and that whatever they decided, and even the process  of how they reached their decisions would be criticized by many. They knew that there would be difficult discussion within the committee as well. True to form, that is exactly what did happen, and yet they persevered.  

The people of Easton are the Town Meeting, and the Town Meeting is the government of Easton.  As a town we can only function if people like the members of this committee are willing to put in the time and effort to do the job. 

The issues that they are dealing with may be controversial but their collective efforts, camaraderie, and desire to do what is right for Easton should not be controversial. We should respect them for the tremendous effort that they have exerted on our behalf. They serve as a model of good citizenship.

I want to personally extend my gratitude to the following individuals who served on the South Park Advisory Committee:

John Cunningham

Andy Kachele

Dwight Senior

Jeff Becker

Eliot Leonard

Bob Schrage

Ross Ogden

Tara Sanft  Kahn

Brian Williams

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