To the Editor:

It seems to me that over the past couple years this peaceful harmonious little town has erupted with all kinds of issues and controversy causing a huge divide and we don’t like it. The bottom line is that the leadership is ultimately responsible. This must change.

Whether they are trying to sell off our town-owned land for a fraction of what we paid for it, declaring us by unilateral resolution racists, trying to deceive us into believing that an innocent little (12-foot wide) sidewalk is not just the introduction for busing, years of construction, development of centrally located land into low-income, high-density housing and other development completely upending the country style charm of our town and costing us the taxpayers a fortune or farming out the services of our building department to another district giving us only part-time access, it just doesn’t jive with the essence of this town.

It could be errors of omission, lack of competency, time not spent doing the job, conflict of interest or intentional, whatever it is, it must stop. Please on Nov. 2 vote for Jeff Parker for first selectman.

Steve Landa


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