To the Editor:

A mailer from “Citizens for Responsible Government” (CRG) includes insinuations meant to misguide Eastonites. Here are factual answers to questions posed by CRG:

“Which candidate best represents the will of the citizens in Easton?” CRG misrepresents Bindelglass’ position on the issues listed.

Fact: Bindelglass doesn’t favor regionalization. He hasn’t promoted affordable housing and doesn’t support developing South Park, or commercial development in Easton. Bindelglass advocates for the preservation of Easton’s open space and emphasizes the importance of the Town Meeting process.

“Does Dr. Bindelglass have adequate time to accurately and reliably perform the duties of First Selectman?” CRG claims that Bindelglass’ is at Town Hall two afternoons per week.

Fact: Bindelglass is at Town Hall ALL DAY Tuesday/Thursday and Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons. Bindelglass attends evening meetings and weekend events. Bindelglass has given back to Easton by choosing not to receive benefits and by taking a 50% pay cut.

“Does Dr. Bindelglass have adequate time to accurately and reliably perform the duties of first selectman?” CRG used an outdated reference that suggests Bindelglass is president of Orthopaedic Speciality Group, P.C. (OSG) and runs their practice.

Fact: Bindelglass is not in a leadership position for OSG. He is working part-time as a doctor as he transitions into retirement. Steve Fiore, CEO of OSG, oversees the nine-office practice throughout Connecticut.

“Does Dr. Bindelglass have a conflict of interest in his relationship with SHU?” The OSG provides athletic coverage for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, Sacred Heart, Fairfield University, and U.S. Ski Team. They take pride in their community outreach.

Fact: CRG’s baseless speculation about Bindelglass having undue influence and a conflict of interest because of this outreach is offensive. Robert A. Stanton, the current chairman at OSG, leads outreach efforts.

Shame on CRG for dumping toxic material into our community. More importantly, why haven’t Republicans spoken out against it?

Patricia Linnane


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